Technical assistance

At Emerus we put at the service the best and most customized technical advice from our departments in order to solve any doubts or difficulties that may arise in the most demanding projects.

We can provide assistance in several areas while conducting your project:

  • Design, calculation and dimensioning of customized profiles for each project
  • Resolution of details and meeting on site
  • Finite Element Structural Calculation
  • Documentation justifying regulation compliance
  • Official tests and certifications from our Technology department.

At Emerus all our teams are trained to the highest standards, and we continuously make sure that we are up to date with new tools and technology.

We understand the importance of investing in our team and we are always ready to deal with any new project, as we offer and provide many solutions in our wide range of aluminium fabrications.

Aluminium is so flexible and strong that it can be used for almost everything that comes to your mind.