Aluminium balustrade adds a unique and stylish touch to your balcony, deck or loft. EMERUS production of aluminium balustrade solutions gives complete peace of mind knowing that the finish will last for years, that the cables will remain self-tensioned and that it will never get dirty like other materials such as glass.

Sliding aluminium doors are characterized by their mechanism of opening sideways. Owing to their stylish and elegance outlook, these doors will serve you with a great deal of benefit by making your room’s entrance or exit. They come in a wide array of designs, which make up these doors. You will surely find a perfect match for your home with Emerus Extrusion’s sliding doors.

Frames and supports generated by aluminium extrusion are lighter than other metals, making them easier to transport and assemble in remote locations that are common for major solar power stations. This is also useful for rooftop solar installations where building specifications have limited capacities for supporting the additional weight of the panels and their substructure.

Aluminium facade systems can be used on buildings for multiple purposes. It is very popular while in architectural cladding it offers many advantages in usage over other metals. Aluminium is very lightweight, flexible and resistant to weather and corrosion.

Using aluminium as a construction material provides a creation of a modern design that is fully functional and guarantees maximum environmental comfort with outstanding thermal isolation and sound-proof tests.

Emerus can provide you with various Accessories that include products of unparalleled ergonomics and enhanced durability providing remarkable aesthetics. All solutions we offer have been carefully chosen and developed to suite our customers’ needs.